Microsoft Rewards: Quests and Points Recovery |  Xbox One

Microsoft Rewards: Quests and Points Recovery | Xbox One

The Microsoft Rewards program is widely used in the community and many of you have reported problems with us over the past few days. If you can not get your points back, you are not alone.

Many issues with Microsoft Rewards

If you do not know yet Microsoft RewardsKeep in mind that this is a program that allows you to earn money or prizes by playing or participating in various activities advertised by Microsoft. This includes the use of the Bing search engine or the Microsoft Edge browser.

How to earn points with Microsoft Rewards

Over the past few days you have been reporting a number of issues related to social networks or our Microsoft Rewards Difference of opinion. Here are some examples.

  • Points associated with success are not verified (for example in daily wins)
  • Ping searches not counted
  • Microsoft Rewards site and dashboard not working and / or showing error
  • Revenue recovery does not work on the Microsoft Rewards site
  • When the verification of searches is good it is not done
  • Bing searches are not taken into account
  • Series reset due to errors

How do I get my points back?

Problems with retrieving Microsoft Rewards points or accounting for achievements are usually resolved quickly. Lost points are then recovered and everything returns to normal. It is not uncommon for a lot of people to do their quests on the weekends and get into trouble while playing different games.

If your points are not open, you can test your profit again from 7pm to 11pm the next day. This trick seems to have worked for many people, and it may be related to the crowd supported by Microsoft servers.

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