July 1: Here’s what’s coming for migrants

July 1: Here's what's coming for migrants

Boxes are made, trucks are booked, leases are signed: the rest is just to go inside. These carefully planned plans, however, are at the mercy of the elements, and the weather will transform a game.

What can we expect in 2022?

good news ! July 1, 2022 should be sunny and warm. The weather system is practically copy and paste this Sunday, allowing zonal winds (west to east) heat from South America to visit the province of La Belle. Mercury is expected to be around 25 C or higher.

Moving environment

Problem: Moisture is also in the game. In some places, especially in southern Quebec the temperature may be above 35 C. Unfortunately, this is the only day Humidex is expected like this. Forecasts may change in the next few days and the situation should be closely monitored.


The risks of heat stroke are very high in such situations, especially when engaging in physical activity. It is recommended to wear regular breaks in the shade and a helmet.

Severe heat or heavy rain: Nothing is possible on July 1st

When we compare ourselves, we find comfort in ourselves. 2018 is a bitter example: the temperature was felt near 45, and the oppressive humidity caused many headaches for several days.

In contrast, July 1, 2017 was relatively cold (temperatures approaching 24 degrees Celsius) and it rained for some areas, including Cadino. This is the last time Montreal has received rain on July 1.

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