Italy says “no” to Google Analytics

Italy says "no" to Google Analytics

Google Analytics qualifies as non-personality grotto in Italy. The Italian Data Protection Commission considers it illegal to use Google Analytics because of the risk of transferring personal data to the United States. In making this decision, he joins the ranks of the French and Austrian authorities.

Guaranteed for personal protection by individuals, the Italian equivalent of the French CNIL, Google Analytics, is hardening its tone against the American web audience’s measurement console. Permission fell on the weekend after the trial of “”. Complex “It was launched in conjunction with its European counterparts following a wave of complaints. Carante condemned the violations by the parent company Google. The Italian regulator says security is not guaranteed.

Garante’s inquiries show that webmasters who use Google Analytics collect cookies through user contacts, websites, visited pages, services provided, and other important information. In fact, Google has challenged all Italian web operators (public and private) to make data transfers illegal in the United States regarding the use of Analytics.

Therefore, a website that uses Google Analytics without the protections specified in the GDPR violates data protection laws because it transfers user data to the United States, a country with no data protection status. Data required. At the end of the 90-day deadline set by its end, Italian authorities will check whether the data transfer in question is compliant with the EU GDPR, including special control channels. Personal data exchanges between the EU and the United States have not yet been adequately determined, as the EU Court of Justice has declared the privacy shield invalid.

Moreover, signing a new political agreement will not be a new resolution. Therefore, in order to send data across the Atlantic, companies must comply with additional, especially demanding warranties (end-to-end encryption, risk assessment, etc.). However, according to European officials, Google does not meet these standards and therefore cannot legally offer its services within the EU.

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