Freedom Acquisition I Corp., an investment vehicle listed on the New York Stock Exchange since February 2021, was launched by former Ivory Banker Digen Thiam and his associates, who plan to merge human longevity with an American human genetic sequencing company.

The proposed merger, which was unveiled last week, is expected to create a company worth about $ 1 billion.

Human longevity, a nugget

Diggen said thiam was able to create human life “The leading healthcare platform in the United States based on artificial intelligence, with the potential to expand it internationally”. Speaking to financial analysts, the former chairman of Credit Suisse said “Glad to be partnering with the Human Longevity Group.”

Extend life

The proposed merger comes more than a year after Freedom, an investment vehicle, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Created with the aim of discovering the activities of an attractive company and obtaining them, the company underlined its intention to invest in e-Health in March 2021.

Human Longevity, which claims to have invested more than $ 500 million in R&D since 2013, also plans to extend human lifespan by predicting disease risks and making a breakthrough in health care.

The final phase of the merger plan will be announced in the first quarter of 2023. It is subject to obtaining a set of terms, including an agreement between the shareholders of the two companies.