United States: Companies promise to help their employees who want to have an abortion

They reacted quickly. Following the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the federal abortion rights, some large companies in the United States have already taken a stand. They have taken steps to cover the medical expenses of staff who have to travel to have an abortion in a state where spontaneous abortion is legal.

JPMorgan Bank has already announced that it is refunding the trip for a legal abortion. This measure is to come into effect from the 1stEr July. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, also explained that it was refunding travel “within the legal framework for employees who have access to sexual health care located in another state.”

Walt Disney, Microsoft …

The list of companies is long. Walt Disney, a company already known for its support for the LGBT community, has said that travel expenses will be reimbursed if the company’s employees fail to perform abortions in the state where they work. Computer maker Microsoft has taken similar steps. In all, one million American women could benefit from this assistance.

In March, already, a group led by Bank Citigroup announced it would like to finance the trip in the event of an abortion. Amazon, Apple, Tesla and Yelp followed suit. This attempt angered some conservative countries. He explained that an elected Texan could be subject to Citigroup lawsuits in Texas and called for the termination of contracts between the bank and the US government.

Reluctance of HR

Despite these threats, the list of companies announcing pro-abortion measures continues to grow. Some dare to accept a political position. Clothing brand Patagonia and Turner Live Nation have said they will grant bail to employees arrested in connection with the abortion rights protest. Cases likely to escalate: Since the Supreme Court ruling, abortion has already been banned by 8 US states.

However, it is not certain that all employers will follow suit. A study conducted in late May showed that 60% of HR managers across the country would not relax their policy. Wade. And only 10% said they pay for the transportation of their employees who want to have an abortion in a neighboring state.

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