Festival / E: In the Takla forest

Festival / Électro : Dakhla into the wild
The Oasis Festival returns from September 20 to 26 with the new concept of “Oasis: Into the Wild”. A new nomadic approach seeks to invite the public to discover the best places in Morocco through music, gastronomy and the art of living. Into The Wild offers its visitors the opportunity to explore a particular region with the guidance of excursions, culinary discoveries and concerts, encounters and community.

The highlight of Into The Wild will be an intimate music festival on September 23 and 24, which will allow a greater number of participants to join the experience. With an annual focus on different parts of Morocco, each edition of Into The Wild guarantees the uniqueness of the concept. The integrity of the experience that visitors want to go back to further explore the beauty and diversity of Morocco.

Private stage for hundreds of festivals

The first edition of Into the Wild will take place in Takla, one of Morocco’s most anticipated destinations. An event like Into The Wild is the perfect opportunity to highlight this increasingly popular area. Takla is an exceptional organization that promotes the image of Morocco. Located at the confluence of the Sahara and the Ocean, Taqla is a bridge to Morocco’s eco-tourism.

The meeting will provide an intimate platform that can accommodate a few hundred festivals around the high-end lineup, in the pure tradition of the Oasis Festival sense. Established in 2015, the Oasis Festival and its co-founder Marzana Jaiti have repeatedly and repeatedly demonstrated that this is not just about music. It was a real holiday experience on African soil with a world-class soundtrack, all immersed in heaven.

Its carefully crafted project features not only international stars but also a wealth of local and regional stars, who have helped bring global attention and new audiences to the growing local scene. The pearl of South Dakla and all the customs and culture it offers, it differs from many festivals around the world.

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