Diplomatic victories, military tactics ... Morocco drives Algerian regime crazy, says political scientist

Diplomatic victories, military tactics … Morocco drives Algerian regime crazy, says political scientist


“Germany, Spain and other countries, especially African countries, have recorded important positive points about the Moroccan Sahara after considering the autonomy plan as very serious, credible and very realistic,” the international law professor said in an interview. With Le360.

“These victories have destabilized the Algerian military regime, which has added to the balance of power, and is doing everything it can to cover up its humiliation,” the political scientist explains.

Algiers severed diplomatic relations with Morocco, uttered all sorts of insults against the state, found false information, closed its airspace, recalled its ambassador to Madrid, shut down the Maghreb gas pipeline before attacking Spain, and forged a friendly, good neighbor and cooperation agreement. It binds with Spain, recalled Tajadin Husseini.

“It is amazing that a regime like this would dare to shout from the roof without confirming that it is not in any way a party to the conflict over the Sahara,” says this expert who asks: Who is the refuge? Does it maintain finance, weapons and its military, its diplomacy and its mechanisms in this matter?

In his argument, Tajeddine Houssaini cites a letter sent to the Security Council by Omar Hilale, Morocco’s ambassador and UN envoy. “In this letter, Morocco refers to Security Council Resolution 2602, which is cited five times as a party to the Algiers conflict,” he notes.

According to this political scientist, this resolution was rejected by Algiers because it points to it. Asked how far Algiers could take its expansion, Tajidin Husseini did not rule out a military option, although the risk was minimal.

“Algiers are well aware that Morocco is fighting for a national cause in which an entire population clings to the back of its king. The kingdom will not give a damn about its sand. This is evidenced by the participation of its forces in international military exercises, ”he said.

The political scientist also returned for the forthcoming visit of Stephen de Mistura, the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy to the Sahara. “The visit, scheduled for July, will focus on the need to restart the roundtable process with the participation of the separatist parties involved in this conflict, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Policario,” the expert predicted.

“Algeria cannot escape from these roundtables because it will be responsible for preventing this process by the international community and especially against the resolutions of the Security Council,” said Tajidin Husseini.

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