The blue card renews itself even if it disappears

The blue card renews itself even if it disappears

Although contactless payments have never been popular since the beginning of the health crisis, credit cards are renewing themselves. Even if it leads to more modern technologies.

One of the two is paid Without touching, Compared to one-third before the onset of the health crisis. For many, touching the toll booth at the supermarket has become as unpleasant as a subway bar during rush hours. Hence the proliferation of all kinds of innovations on the side of our credit card.

One of the problems with non-contact is the ceiling of 50 euros, but not for long. Banks have started issuing biometric cards, which use our fingerprints to verify payments. The card is fitted with a mini fingerprint reader, integrated into a secure electronic chip. Touch it with your thumb to authenticate yourself and verify the transaction. No need to enter code, above all there is no charge limit

In addition, this extra layer of security limits Risks of hacking. Lack of communication involves risks: we have scams, for example, fraudsters walk around the metro with payment terminals and stick to people to debit them.

A dynamic cryptogram

Another option offered by some banks, especially for online purchases: Dynamic Cryptogram. The three digits on the back used to make online purchases, some banks now offer Dynamic Crypto. These numbers, instead of being printed on a card, appear on the mini screen as e-readers.

If your card number changes frequently, it can be very difficult for a cyber criminal to copy and use it. The amount of transactions can be less than 1%, but once and secure is sufficient for all online purchases representing two-thirds of fraud. This allows banks to charge for additional services.

Credit card lock

Another option to avoid fraud: Credit card lock. This smart case was developed by a French startup, Protec.card. Slip your card inside and attach it to your smartphone.

From then on, if the card slips away from me – I forgot it on the table at the bar or someone steals it from my pocket – I get an immediate warning. I can geologize my card from an application and object immediately.

Is Nokia the end of the blue card?

But tomorrow, the bank card will disappear completely. You can pay with a ring or even with your clothes. You can already pay with your smartphone. But less than 10% of the French population has already been tested. But you can pay with many credit cards, such as the ring, which incorporates NFC contactless technology – for example, it works on all payment terminals in the supermarket.

In fact, these NFC chips can be integrated into many materials: bracelets, watches, key rings. This is called “wearable”, in other words, “ready-to-wear electronics”. There are also payment cards integrated directly into your wardrobe.

A credit card in his attire

An Australian fashion designer has teamed up with credit card company Visa to create the first credit card integrated directly into a men’s suit jacket. The technology is simple, it’s an NFC chip, used in contactless payment cards, but integrated directly into the end of the sleeve.

Paying at the restaurant on the first date is sublime: “Bill please”, no need to take out your wallet, just cross the sleeve of the jacket above the terminal payment, the transaction is complete.

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