Information Warning, BA.5: New sign, we need to act very quickly


The stability of the Covit-19 cases in France has been suspended. In just 24 hours, on June 22 new confirmed Ba.5 cases erupted. A new wave of pollution is coming. Also, this sub variant of Omicron seems to be more severe than the previous one. A new symptom must also be identified.

P.4 and p.5, which dominate France

The Ba.5 subspecies of Omicron was first discovered in South Africa. The infection of this subtype soon spread around the world. Following the outbreak of infections in Portugal, France is now facing this new strain.

As cases of this variant of Omicron type Ba.5 have been detected, cases of Covit-19 contamination have increased rapidly. In fact, Omicron’s BA4 and BA.5 subtypes dominate the confirmed cases. On June 15, France conducted a public health analysis of the potential risks associated with variants of omigran released in France..

“In France, we see BA.2 being gradually replaced by BA.5,” he explained.

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Public Health France reports that a person affected by one of the two subtypes has a “chance” of showing symptoms. The SPF found that only 3% of the 300 confirmed cases of BA.4 and BA were asymptomatic.

Report on observed cases

Yet according to the precision of the public health France, one percent of the symptoms seen in the victims can be established.

Fatigue affected 75.7% of the identified cases. 58.3% of the victims had a cough and fever. 52.1% had a headache and 50.7% had a runny nose. From this we can deduce that in BA4 and BA.5 cases, fatigue, cough and fever are the most common symptoms in patients.

Observations showed the difference between the two subspecies already listed and two new subspecies. Compared with Omigran’s other younger siblings, such as Ba.1, BA.4 and BA.5 have a “higher probability of manifesting anosmia and eugenia (author’s note: loss of smell and taste)”. According to the SDF, she has a higher probability of developing “nausea, vomiting and more diarrhea”..

Severe variation despite vaccination

The two subspecies responsible for this new wave have another uniqueness. Existing symptoms last longer than Ba.1. The latter lasts only about 4 days, with symptoms of BA.4 and BA.5 lasting about 7 days. Fortunately, at this time, the hospital admission rate is not “significantly higher”.

MG France, president of the Association of General Practitioners, explained that the symptoms of patients with Ba.4 and Ba.5 were “very high” with “very severe and prolonged fever”. Jack Battistoni also mentioned a matter of concern.

“We are amazed at the severity of this new variant, even among those who have been vaccinated,” he said in a Parisian column.

Moderna has announced a new vaccine

Concerns about the stem variations of Omigran are present not only in France but around the world. American company Moderna made an announcement on Wednesday, June 22nd. According to a news release, Moderna has released a bivalent vaccine against the new Omigran type.

Anxious news. In fact, research at Harvard University School of Medicine has found that previous contamination from booster shots and omigron strains did not protect these two new subtypes.

This Covid 19 vaccine is highly effective in protecting against BA.4 and BA.5 subtypes. According to established preliminary tests, its effectiveness is six times greater than that of the existing moderna vaccine. The vaccine recommended by Modern Laboratory is bilateral. This protects the person who was vaccinated against the original strain of Govit-19 and the Omigron mutation.

However, this good news should not be considered a total victory against Covid 19. According to Christine Talke, “there is still a lack of scientific data.” A vaccine expert at the German Center for Infectious Diseases Research says further research is needed to determine whether it is safe to prescribe this vaccine only to the elderly.

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