The three words mark the beginning of the holiday

The three words mark the beginning of the holiday

In short:

  • Pleasant: not too wet;
  • Modest: not too hot;
  • Beautiful: Low rainfall.

Severe heat

This weekend, the hottest temperatures in Quebec will be felt. On Sunday, the episode will reach its climax exploding finale. In fact, a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius is expected in the south of the province. The remaining moisture and heat are quickly dissipated ensuring that it is very pleasant.

VMET21 Environment (1)

Pleasant week

From the beginning of next week, seasonal temperatures are expected to be high. In fact, Quebec finds itself on the border between the summit south of the border and the mass of cold air encamped on Hudson Bay. The effect is not bad: it is neither too hot nor too cold to spend time outside.

Pleasant week

Little moisture

The last days of June will be held under the sign of refreshment. Ideal for spending time outside near the base of dry air and normal temperatures. However, bath enthusiasts can be disappointed. In fact, this week promises to be perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, golf or cycling.

Week without heat wave

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