Friday, June 24 Weather: Strong storms at times in the east

Friday, June 24 Weather: Strong storms at times in the east

By Regis CribetMeteorologist

The weather is very unpredictable in three-quarters of the country this Friday, with thundershowers from the southwest to the mid-east. The temperature is dropping from the west.


– Many storms in France, especially from the southwest to the Middle East.

– Thunderstorms in some parts of Languedoc-Russellon.

– The weather is likely to change across the country as it rains again in the north of the Lower.

– The temperature drops slightly but is very seasonal.


The weather pattern in France is gradually changing with the establishment of the southwest flow. So we are no longer talking about the cold drop, but rather the flow of the Atlantic Origin, which is before the cold approaching the Atlantic curve in the evening.

Area wise details:

North of the Lower, The weather will become very unstable during the day. Cloudy and sunny with occasional showers in Champagne-Ardennes and Nord-Pas-de-Calais and in Brittany in the morning. The threatening sky will rain in the afternoon. This rain is strong in Normandy and Champagne-Artennes, and rare in Ile-de-France. Fresh rain is approaching Brittany at the end of the afternoon. Southwesterly winds will reach 60 km / h at Brittany and Pace-de-La-Lower.

Temperatures will drop slightly but will be seasonal (22 to 24).

South of the Lower, the weather is very unstable.

In New Aquitaine, It will rain in the morning. They can sometimes persist with thunderstorms. In the afternoon, sunshine returned to the coast and south of Coron, but thunderstorms lashed the limousine.

Awur, The weather is very unstable throughout the day with frequent thunder showers. So the temperature in the mountains will drop. In plains such as Limekne and Forres the accumulation of rain is very moderate because the rain mainly hangs over the relief areas. General improvement occurs after 6 p.m.

In the Rhne-Alps, After a different weather in the early morning, the sky will be cloudy and it will rain before noon. The afternoon promises to be very unstable with heavy rain and thunderstorms, especially in Rhne, Isar and Savoy. The weather in the mountains is very bad, be careful. General improvement occurs after 6 p.m.

In the southeast, The weather in Langkawi is stormy. Numerous concentrations of rainfall are associated with Cévennes relief, but internally, thunderstorms also occur in the plains of the Lower Rன்n Valley. In the afternoon, scattered but sometimes very heavy storms also fall on the Prealps (Drôme, Vaucluse …). The Roussillon page still holds stable weather.

Riviera The interior (southern Alps) maintains a mild and warm climate despite thundershowers in the afternoon. Be careful in the mountains. Corsica has a stable climate.

In the Great East, The weather is stormy and still a little heavy. Threatening clouds and thunderstorms alternately with the sun. The afternoon is particularly unstable, with plenty and heavy storms preceded by a gradual calm in the evening.

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