Chelsea Handler sued the lingerie company for breach of contract

Chelsea Handler sued the lingerie company for breach of contract

Chelsea manager

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Chelsea manager Underwear company Third Love has filed a lawsuit alleging breach of contract.

Obtained in court documents We are weeklyThe 47-year-old comedian has accused the brand of failing to pay him for “an influential marketing campaign based on social media”. The lawsuit alleges that ThirdLove contacted Handler in 2021 and asked him to promote their lineup because of its “unique, vibrant, physically-positive image and brand.”

According to the complaint, Handler and Third Love negotiated and finalized the terms on December 21, 2021. My horizontal life The author will advertise the label “exclusively” in exchange for $ 1,060,000 in compensation and expenses. Under the contract, Handler is said to have done a “special training”, participated in a number of invitations, and attended several meetings and fittings in preparation for filming scheduled for late January.

However, Handler terminated the entire contract for Third Love on January 26 – the day before the big shoot. As the case implies Fun amount The star flew from Canada to Los Angeles for the “at his own expense” project.

“Although Handler believes and advises him, Third Love’s creative committee in charge of his campaign has never received the approval of his board of directors.

Chelsea manager

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Following the alleged cancellation, Handler attempted to contact ThirdLove, but was reportedly ignored, according to the lawsuit. “There is no other option but to start immediate action,” said the former Late Night Host. He is seeking more than $ 1.5 million in damages.

“Through this case, Handler is not only seeking full payment under the contract, but is also seeking to recover a substantial sum of money spent out of his own pocket, relying on the promises of Third Love,” the lawsuit states. He also accused Handler of rejecting other brand offers from Alo and Atletica and focusing on Third Love.

ThirdLove is an American lingerie company founded in 2013 Heidi Sock And her husband, David Spector.

We are weekly Has approached Handler and Third Love for feedback.

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