Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline. Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari has urged the UK and the EU to invest in the project

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari urged the UK and EU countries to invest in the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project.

To the President of Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the European Union should invest in a gas pipeline project aimed at transporting Nigerian gas (the largest reserves in Africa) to Europe via Morocco. In particular, he hoped that the completion of the gas pipeline project would help resolve the gas supply crisis in Europe. Mohammed Buhari stressed the need for a long-term partnership between Nigeria and the United Kingdom and the European Union in green energy policy.

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“We need a long-term partnership, not contradictions and contradictions in the UK and EU green energy policy. For a change, the UK and EU should invest in our gas pipeline project to bring Nigerian gas (the largest reserves in Africa) to Europe via Morocco,” he said. Said. “Investment is hampered by their general ban on gas projects abroad, while domestic projects are classified as green.

The Nigerian head of state further explained that the gas pipeline project connecting Nigeria with Europe was designed four years ago and then released. He also recalled that the Nigerian National Oil Corporation (NNPC) had concluded a record-breaking agreement with the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS) in early June to build Nigeria-Morocco.

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The Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline mega-project, whose feasibility study was launched in May 2017 at a cost of several billion dollars, was launched during the official visit of HM King Mohammed VI to Abuja in December 2016, and a related agreement was signed in June. 10, 2018, during the Rafat visit of Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari.

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