A tsunami will hit the Mediterranean coast: an inevitable event within thirty years

A tsunami will hit the Mediterranean coast: an inevitable event within thirty years

The risk of water wall formation after an earthquake is almost certain. People are invited to be ready for it.

In particular, we still remember the horrific images of the tsunami that struck the Thai coast on December 26, 2004. At the time we could not have imagined that such an event would hit our shores.

Yet the Intergovernmental Commission on UNESCO Such a catastrophe can be expected in the coming years in the Mediterranean.

Preparing people

This will be one of the key topics discussed at the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal from June 27.

The International Maritime Commission (IOC) of UNESCO would like to extend its plan in this regard “Tsunami Ready”, Created in 2017, Preparing coastal peoples for hazards Tsunami and especially in the Mediterranean were reported The cross.

A “significant” risk that should not be overlooked

A scientific study published in Science Direct The risk in the Mediterranean over the next few years proves to be “significant”.

Therefore, we must be prepared to see the formation of a giant catastrophic “wave” several meters above our shores and, above all, its appearance, the earthquake. Because this water wall carries everything in its path.

What is the product plan?

“UNESCO’s Global Tsunami Warning System is very effective in detecting tsunamis very quickly. Audrey Azoulay, Director GeneralUNESCO.

The “Tsunami Ready” program, which has already been tested in 40 communities in 21 countries across the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Oceans, will be extended to thousands of more vulnerable coastal communities worldwide.

Indicators to be prepared for in the event of a tsunami.
Description Pixabay – scym

The program defines twelve criteria that cover all levels, from prevention, population training and risk assessment to preparedness and response.

An event that has already taken place in the Mediterranean

As stated in itINGVThere is the Italian National Institute of Geography and VulcanologyThere are at least 290 tsunamis Already Mediterranean Marine ProductsE, hundreds of years ago.

But most recently the island of Samos in Greece was invaded on October 30, 2020 and Cட்te d’Azur on October 16, 1979. Victims should feel sorry every time …

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