PS5: Builds the first Sony Slim console from YouTube!

PS5: un YouTubeur crée la toute première console Sony Slim !

Very impatient to wait for the PS5 Slim release, a YouTuber decides to create his own version! The effect is stunning.

Sony does not want to do that PS5 Slim Its priority… DIY Perks then takes the lead and goes down to making its own model. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The PS5 is not slim on the horizon

Available for purchase from November 2020, the PS5 is now the benchmark for new generation consoles.

No one else can compete! Well, not much competition … Microsoft has hit hard with its Xbox series and beats Sales records in some countries.

Nevertheless, there is a huge gap between the American company and the Japanese company. Several months before the console was released, the latter sparked mystery surrounding its new engine.

He started releasing an exceptional controller, which some consider it The best of all time. That’s it!

The Japanese company has unveiled its popular PS5, a console with extraordinary capabilities for a living room machine. Oh yes!

On the day of its release, gamers from all over the world flocked to physical and online stores to get it.

For once, they were not disappointed … the product meets their many expectations! Again, Sony has kept its promises.

Everything can not be too rosy, there are still some flaws in the PS5. One of the biggest is its size, The console is large !

Many players expect this Release of its thin version, But Sony does not seem to prioritize it … MCE TV tells you more.

DIY Bergs takes the lead

Rumors are circulating about the long-awaited PS5 Slim. We have to believe that players can not wait any longer!

However, the Japanese company has not yet announced anything about this and could remain silent. He is currently focusing on other projects including Maximum excluded design.

Following DIY Bergs, a famous videographer More than 3.7 million people on YouTubeOne of the many impatient.

Angered by Sony’s silence, he took the initiative and prepared for it PS5 Slim is its own version. Yes, you read that right!

In A 30 minute video Recently shared on the platform, which reveals all the design stages.

We found a reduced model of the latest PlayStation, Two centimeters high. The effect is simply impressive!

To achieve this, YouTube had to make some sacrifices. He replaced some essential elements with more compact versions.

His PS5 Slim still works well and looks very efficient at some point, especially in terms of cooling system. No, you are not dreaming!

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