This stingray is the largest freshwater fish in the world

This stingray is the largest freshwater fish in the world

Biology – Mekong’s monster. Most Big fish Freshwater fish, a stingray, were recorded by scientists on June 13 in the Mekong River Flows from the Tibetan Plateau ChinaMyanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The discovery of this giant promises scientists the quality of the river water that will be a refuge. Billions of fish.

“In 20 years of research on giant fish from rivers and lakes on six continents, it is the largest freshwater fish we have ever encountered or documented anywhere in the world,” said Jeep Hogan. Mekong”, A river protection project, in a press release.

This கதிர் It actually has an impressive wingspan of almost 4M in length. But its weight of 300 kg allows it to receive the title of “largest freshwater fish in the world”. Thus it broke the previous record 293 kg giant Mekong catfish caught in Thailand in 2005.

A weak ecosystem

What a surprise to the fisherman when he caught this big ray. He immediately contacted the team of researchers responsible for preserving the river’s biodiversity. Scientists hung a tag before releasing the animals. The liberated ray traveled from the twilight hue to other frontiers. Since she left before nightfall, the researchers said Decided to call it “Borami” which means “full moon” in the local language Khmer.

With this new discovery, scientists are particularly pleased to have approached a giant freshwater stingray, an endangered species. “That means the aquatic environment is still healthy,” Dr. Jeff Hogan explained.

It is important to protect the ecosystems of the Tibetan Plateau because its rivers are home to millions of fish, which millions of people depend on for their livelihood. Excessive fishing, dams and pollution threaten this fragile habitat.

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