Quebec’s National Day: Good news with big flaws

Quebec's National Day: Good news with big flaws

In short:

  • Good news and a harm to Saint-Jean;
  • Risk of thunderstorms on Thursday evening;
  • Friday is a beautiful day with warm temperatures.

Risk of thunderstorms

Saint-Jean-Baptist celebrations will take place mainly on June 23 and 24 in Quebec. This year, festivals are planned everywhere in the Outer Province. Will the weather be favorable? Except for Thursday evening, the news overall is pretty good. In fact, thunderstorms are expected. However, since little energy is available, these cells do not cause severe weather.

ST-JEAN4 EVO Thursday

Great day

If you have to choose one of two days to celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Friday, June 24th will be the best choice. The current models indicate that the weekend will be the best day. A maximum of 27 degrees Celsius is expected in southern Quebec.


The sky will be clear in most parts of the country except for the northwest where there is a risk of rain and thundershowers.


Hot dinner

During the last ten editions of National Day, the heat was high, but on seven occasions it rained. Last year, the metropolis variable skyrocketed to a maximum of 29 C. The hottest Saint-Gene-Baptist event took place in 2003 when mercury reached 32.4 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the coldest was in 1979 at 16.3 degrees Celsius.

ST-JEAN5 Conditions

In collaboration with Kevin Clutier, meteorologist.

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