How Free Mobile covers an area of ​​56,000 m2 with 4G

How Free Mobile covers an area of ​​56,000 m2 with 4G
How Free Mobile covers an area of ​​56,000 m2 with 4G

Italie Deux in Paris has installed 16 free antennas to provide 4G coverage. Discovery in films.

After revealing how it is embedded in 3G and 4G Care to Nord in Paris, Free today establishes its equipment at the Italie Deux Shopping Center located south of the capital. With an area of ​​56,000 m2 and 140 stores, this is no small feat. To do this, Free has installed Technology Bay with 3 4 × 4 mm sections in passive technology on 16 antennas (omnidirectional indoor antennas + panels) installed throughout the shopping center.

With MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, It can also be found on Freebox’s WiFi, By making multiple antennas on the transmitter side and receiver side to make better use of the overall potential of the network. Important: Get multiple data streams and high performance at once. Comparatively, it’s like turning from a national highway into a multi – lane highway. You increase the size of the vehicles in circulation, thus significantly improving traffic capacity.

Increased performance, improved coverage and better reception quality

For free mobile, the number of simultaneous data streams can now reach 4. The theoretical maximum speed that can be achieved by downloading (reception / download) on its 4G network increases from 450 to 780 Mbit / s. This represents a more than 70% improvement in theoretical maximum performance. This cannot be ignored. With this technology, you can make full use of its free network speed reserves for free to upgrade your service.

As an alternative to the performance increase allowed by the combination of different signals, this technology can improve network coverage and reception quality while transmitting the same signal.

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