This black hole swallows an equivalent black hole every second

This black hole swallows an equivalent black hole every second

Astronomers say it has isolated the brightest and fastest growing black hole in the last nine billion years. Because it is hunger. This cosmic oak is three billion times larger than the Sun, and in fact every second uses an equivalent object to our planet.

Dazzling black hole

The actual wells and black holes in the space-time fabric are not visible by nature because they emit no light. On the contrary, their intense gravitational pull pulls them in very quickly, turning them into super hot plasma. This process emits light in a ring around a black hole called the accretion disk.

An Australian team announces the discovery of one of these discs. This is not the first time. On the other hand, it refers to it Exceptional brilliance. According to ResearchersThe range of the black hole is truly dazzling, and even amateur astronomers can see it through a powerful enough telescope to target the right part of the sky.

Named J1144, this black hole is approx Sagittarius is five hundred times larger than A *At its heart is a giant black hole in the Milky Way galaxy Recently photographed. A super hot plasma ring also appears around the object 7,000 times more light Than our entire galaxy. Astronomers have identified the behemoth in data from the Southern Sky Survey, a national university in Australia. This is a project to map the entire sky in the Southern Hemisphere.

Black hole
A conceptual close-up of the black hole’s accretion disk and the event horizon. Credits: AlexAntropov86

An animal is never satisfied

This is due to exceptional ingenuity Turbulent appetite Of this black hole. It eclipses other equally large black holes. This object is actually the horizon of its occurrence (nothing escapes boundary) Exceptionally wide. To give you an idea of ​​its size, tell yourself that the orbits of all the planets in our system may fit inside.

This cosmic bulimia questions astronomers. In general, the growth rates of these substances go really slowly as they become larger and larger. The increase is believed to be due to this Hawking radiation, It was assumed that thermal radiation would be emitted from black holes by the effects of quantum mechanics. The team is now trying to figure out why this black hole is constantly being eaten. Note that the study is not yet available Peer reviewed. If approved, it will be published in the Journal of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

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