The absurd amount Apple paid in France in 2021, the reasons revealed

Impôt : cette somme ridicule payée par Apple en France en 2021, les raisons dévoilées

In 2021, the American company Apple did not pay a lot of money to the French tax authorities. Its taxation status can actually cause more than one shock. In issue: A drastic tax improvement strategy by a multinational company led by Tim Cook.

Tax: With a capital of 200 2,200 billion, Jர்rgen would have paid only சிறிய 4 million in taxes in France by 2021. These are our colleagues in the magazine Challenges On Monday, June 13, the Apple brand paid only a few million euros for the operation of its Apple stores in France. This tax level is linked to the decisions of Apple’s subsidiary in France, which manages the store’s store operations.

Apple’s CEO is not the only one criticized in France for his tax optimization. In the United States, too, he has been criticized for not paying enough taxes to U.S. tax authorities. Since 2013, Apple has received the boss Allegations of tax evasion, including from the US Congress. He even had to report on the popular “60 Minutes” show. Tom Cook had to answer questions from presenter Charlie Rose.

Pointed out even in the US!

Line: But on that day, in the “60 Minutes” package, the Apple boss didn’t go four lanes. “This is complete political nonsense. There is no truth in that.”, He actually gave up. To defend himself, he points the finger Accuse “a tax code designed for the industrial age, not for the digital age”, which is “bad for America” ​​and “should have been changed many years ago”.

We pay more taxes than anyone in this country“, He clarified. If Apple had so much money at sea – a hundred billion dollars – that” Because it accounts for two-thirds of our operations.“, Details Tim Cook. I want to take that money home“Apple General Manager still promises, but” It costs me 40% to do it! And I do not think this is a fair thing.“, He continues.

Line: ” Apple has sought the holy grail of tax evasion. He says he created marine companies that hold billions of dollars, but have no right to tax residence anywhere. “, Refers to an American senator for his part.

Apple has sought the holy grail of tax evasion. ⁇

Meanwhile, Apple is seeing its sales improvement in France. But its turnover is declining sharply. This is down from 708 million euros in 2020 to 565 million in 2021. But how to explain that the Apple brand does not sell so many products in France? It’s all part of the team’s unique tax improvement strategy.

Nothing complicated: the company is taxed more for its operations in Ireland than in France. Because that is where its European headquarters are located. Apple was particularly manipulative during epidemics. “Some of the employees of the shops that had been closed for a long time changed jobs during this period. […] They answered calls in France and sold over the phone, “said Albin Volpo, a spokesman for the company’s CFDT union. Matching …

What about the GAFA tax?

Line: This maneuver puts the question of the GAFA tax back on the table. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon are all trying to improve their taxation as much as possible. They offer their services on the Internet from their users’ headquarters in another country.

If European authorities implement the GAFA digital tax, it will force companies with a turnover of more than 750 million euros to pay a 15% tax. But it will take time. The OECD is considering implementing this digital tax globally. To do The better In 2024.

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