Telephone campaign: The French are increasingly persecuted

Telephone campaign: The French are increasingly persecuted

R.The cell phone owners who escaped this famous warning are Ares: “Your CPF account will soon expire. Email, SMS or stressful phone calls, requests from call centers Personal training account Can become a real nuisance. According to published orange data BFM TVFriday, June 17th, the coldest call, for all intents and purposes, represents 13 unwanted calls per month in France by 2022, an increase of 60% compared to 2020 (8).

According to the French operator, calls related to CPF are still increasing particularly sharply. These mysterious interpreters, often call center-based cyber fraudsters abroad, retrieve login credentials from a personal training account to register their victims for non-existent or fraudulent training. Already unpleasant on mobile, Phone campaign There is more on landline phones. 60% of calls in 2022 and even 4 million calls in April will be in the majority. According to Orange, fixed numbers receive 16 spam calls per month.

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Anti-commercial demand devices

To protect against this harassment, there are solutions. You must register on the Bloctel site, anti list Unsolicited business calls. It is possible to manually block unwanted numbers on one’s own phone, but this is in vain as call centers multiply different phone numbers. Currently, the July 24, 2020 law prohibits telephone access for energy conservation work. 1 toEr By April 2022, insurance brokers will be able to canvass, confirm the potential customer’s consent from the beginning of the call and, in the event of opposition, complete the call without the opportunity to repeat.

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