"Spoofing": What is this new credit card fraud?

“Spoofing”: What is this new credit card fraud?

A warrior was the victim of this new fraud and 5,700 euros were stolen from his bank account. He told his colleagues of Var Matin his mistake.

Frauds of all kinds abound, and the ideas of those who commit fraud do not diminish … Evidence with this retired man who told our colleagues of the cow to warn the spoofing technique of his false adventure. The victim lost 5,700 euros in this adventure.

“La Poste vol” on his phone

He got the nickname “La Poste vol” displayed on his screen. His spokesman explains that fraudulent transactions were made on his account. He is then believed to be at the opposite end of the line to his bank’s resistance center. He discloses all personal information requested of him, including his credit card number. His narrator gives him the file number and convinces him that he will contact him soon.

Number of hijacked resistance center

Two days later, a person comes to his house with the file number to get his credit card. Withdrawals and purchases are made for 5,700. The victim understands that he has been deceived. He contacted his protest center by calling the number “La Poste vol” stored on his phone. He finds himself a victim of deception. The fraudster has looted the number of opposition centers.

The retiree complained, but the bank refused to repay him, accusing him of giving his card to a stranger.

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