Guinea: Military rule increases pressure on two mining giants

Guinea: Military rule increases pressure on two mining giants

# Guinea : The Guinean general RTG announced on television that Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the head of the ruling military junta in Guinea, had “imposed” a 14-day deadline to form a joint venture responsible for the exploitation of a major iron ore deposit.

Three months ago, a trilateral agreement was signed three months ago between the Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto Simfer and the Winning Consortium of Symondo, Guinea, aimed at operating the Symondo base (southeast). Iron deposits in the world.

The contract provides for the construction of a 670 km long railway line to connect the mining route with an ore port on the Guinean coast south of Conakry. They should be completed by December 2024. And the first commercial product should see daylight after March 31, 2025.

We note a discrepancy between your view and our expectations regarding the implementation of the terms of the Framework Agreement. This situation is not only unfortunate, but unacceptable to the state of Guinea.The jury leader lamented over the weekend.

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To progress effectively, I expect to create a joint effort within fourteen days.He was speaking to the heads of two mining companies in Conakry on Friday.

Exploitation has been hampered for years by controversies over mining rights, suspicions of corruption and the amount of investment made in a landlocked region and lack of infrastructure.

The whole project represents several thousand direct jobs.

Members of the government were also welcomed by the head of the military committee on Saturday and presented the first report of their one-month tour of the country, the RTG said.

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Care is painful, it must be said. We had an understanding of what we believed to be Guinea, but the observation was still violentPrime Minister Mohamed Bevokui said.

On a larger scale, we saw inside a guinea that had no state. There was no rule, no government clerks … less men, less material, less systemsHe continued, condemning even the most defective or non-existent infrastructure.

Guinea’s Prime Minister has promised to report In the coming days With proposals Concrete.

Following the military coup of September 2021, Colonel Tumbuya was sworn in as President. He promised to hand over power to elected citizens within three years.

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