This company will train you to go into space

This company will train you to go into space

Sierra Space is set to operate the first facility that will house both the space flight center and the astronaut training academy. They will stay at Orbital Refill, a future space station created in collaboration with Blue Origin.

A private astronaut academy

Sierra Space, a Colorado-based private space company, has announced plans to run a training academy. This one Recruitment and training Three types of astronauts. Some are occasionally trained to stay short. Others will be trained in scientific research, while some staff will be trained on the harshness of maintaining the company’s future space station and staying in space for long periods of time. Managed by the company Dr. Janet CountyFormer NASA employee.

The commercialization of space, starting in low Earth orbit, will require an innovative new approach to selecting, training and preparing the vast majority of women and men needed to live and work in space.Said Tom, CEO of Sierra Space. ” Dr. County We are very pleased to be running this center. Janet has an unparalleled level of expertise and experience that qualifies her uniquely for a type of role.“.

The company was to see daylight on NASA’s premises at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (Sierra Space already operates with a U.S. agency). The selection process for the first astronauts will take place in 2023, while training will begin in 2024. After that the company hopes to send it The first group in space since 2026 Start connecting the named station Orbital Reef.

Sierra Space Station astronauts
NASA Senior Dr. Janet County will head the Human Space Flight Center and the Astronaut Training Academy. Credit: Sierra Space

A station with a blue look

With the removal of the ISS in the early 2030s, many private companies are preparing to acquire less orbit. Several station projects are underway in conjunction with Blue Origin, including Sierra Space. Several months ago, both companies announced that they wanted to create 830 m3 structure (Slightly smaller than ISS) can accommodate Up to ten people At an altitude of more than 500 km.

Blue look
The Orbital Reef Base Module is shown in an artist’s description, courtesy of Blue Origin. Credit: Blue look

As part of this partnership, Blue Origin will develop key modules and application systems. Sierra Space will contribute to the design of the inflated volume called Life. His cargo space plane Dream chaser There will be too. The latter is designed to carry more than five tons of cargo, first to the International Space Station and then to the Orbital Reef. Team version is also planned. It is expected to be operational by 2026.

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