English in Francois: Critics’ Concert and Quebec’s Intervention

English in Francois: Critics' Concert and Quebec's Intervention

Office of Minister Simon Joel-Barrett, who enacted new legislation for the use of the French language in Quebec, Appropriate corrections will be required if necessary.

If the circumstances described become reasonable, it is completely unacceptable and disrespectful on the part of the company. The working language in Quebec is French.

A quote Elizabeth Kozelin, Simon Jolin-Barrett, Press Secretary to the Minister in charge of the French Language

Technicians and office workers condemned some instruction to Radio-Canada only in English and sometimes held meetings in English.

“Unacceptable”, according to Montreal Mayor Valerie Blande. We want Montrealers to work in Montreal on the French language. He called on the owners of Francois to explain.

Evenko recommended us for responses already designed by its subsidiary quipe Spectra, according to which the company respects the French language but values ​​diversity and content.

Quipe Spectra evaluates the French language on the basis of choice and law in all official internal communications.

A quote Christine Montroil, Ivenko Spokeswoman

Mary-Ann Alepine, president, actress and producer of the Saint-Jean-Baptist Society, was not convinced by the arguments asked. She sees the situation as “crazy and unforgivable”.

In Quebec, French is the language of work and internal communication in companies, he recalled. If there’s a player in the cultural community who is sensitive to the respect, protection and promotion of the French in the workplace, it’s Les Francos’ maker!

According to our sources, Team Spectra was acquired by Ivenco and the American company Live Nation, and in recent years English has taken its place in the organization of the Francos.

Reactions in Quebec and Ottawa

Yves-Franானois Blanchett, head of Black Quebecois, who has worked with Equip Spectra in the past, described the situation as “disappointing”.[e] .. He believes in “an awareness and gestures.”

In the provincial scene, Paul Saint-Pierre Flamonton, the leader of the party Quebecois, used the adjective “heartbreaking” before joining: We need to change a big trend to protect our language. And it is urgent.

As for the Québec solidaire, Équipe Spectra recalls receiving subsidies from the state. உரிமைquipe Spectra employees’ right to work in French should be respected, says MP Rupa Kasal. This is not against diversity and content, as opposed to what the employer insists.

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