Cold Fall: Signal of strong storm surge next week

Cold Fall: Signal of strong storm surge next week

The weather this week promises to be harsh and stormy as France will be under the influence of a cold drop, which will relax despite the high pressure around Biscay Bay. The preferred expression of meteorologists, the cold drop usually indicates unstable conditions. How does she destabilize the weather?

For the past one week, the weather has been moderate due to hot winds blowing in France due to the prevailing cold in Portugal. And it’s not over! This cold drop approaching the Atlantic coast will sow discord in France next week and this time bring storms! This cold fall complicates the development of weather forecasts by disrupting the numerical models used in the weather.

When we see it being under the influence or near a cold drop or in its operating field, the weather worsens and brings rain or storm conditions. This often complicates forecasting by meteorologists due to random evolution.

Description of the cold drop

By what happens at our weather, at our altitude, more precisely at average sea level, action centers such as barometric depressions and Anti-storms. Depression, bad weather, rain, Stormed And sometimes wind. On the contrary, high usually gives us good weather and protects us from these difficult situations.

But our weather is aligned vertically by what is happening, i.e. at altitude in our atmosphere. The cold drop belongs to these high weather events, which affect the weather. The cold drop is a pocket of cold air about 5400 meters above our head. Its presence often causes air mass collision between the ground surface and what is happening above. It causes rain and significant instability Thunderstorms In the affected area.

The cold drop has very different dimensions. It covers large areas (thousands of kilometers) and is very small in size. This makes weather forecasts difficult due to the very different displacement. It can sometimes linger in the same geographical area for several days, causing repeated storms, continuous rain and flooding in very severe cases.

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