“We’m just starting to see the potential of blockchain,” Hashur said

"We'm just starting to see the potential of blockchain," Hashur said

Hasher Democratizes and analyzes the world of blockchain and new technologies since 2016 On Youtube. He is an entrepreneur and has run many companies in this field.

What are the benefits of blockchain that you find most interesting today?

I think the best applications have not been thought of yet. Blockchain is a toolbox, and we are just beginning to look at the possibilities it offers. And each tool allows multiple applications. These include community fundraising (ICO), so project financing, NFTs – which guarantee the recognition of digital objects – the implementation of the arts, gaming or various forms of governance … the field of possibilities is expanding every day.

Are there any risks to avoid when investing in NFTs?

Overall, NFTs in particular have become a real trend. Energy is so strong that we can sometimes forget that it took many years to see the development of concrete and relevant applications like the internet at that time. Therefore, it is essential to obtain as much information as possible to identify the radical projects that are in the minority today. It is essential to distinguish between purely artistic projects that have no value other than the collectors’ praise, “applications”, access, services or rights (such as participating in the management of a newspaper) initiatives! ) It is very risky to invest without understanding and valuing these assets.

What kind of NFT related plans do you specifically follow?

I’m mainly interested in the projects of frequent entrepreneurs, for example the ultimate goal is to provide a service or experience like Ternova. I love gaming very much and I am close to such endeavors Tokami, Cross the agesOut of phase, சொரரே Or Aurora. I am also interested in the possibilities that NFTs offer in terms of fundraising, management and accreditation. But again, most NFT plans are still in development and investing in them is a real gamble. We are still waiting for a precise legal framework in Europe to get a clear view of the limitations of all these applications.

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