French Legislature, Volume IX: Suspense Around Future By-Elections

Within 48 hours of the start of the second round of the French legislative elections, suspense hangs over the final outcome of the 9th round of the French population living abroad. Two candidates, Elizabeth Moreno of the Presidential Party (LREM) and Karim Ben Zak of the New United Left (NUPES), are actually neck and neck.

On the ballot, two candidates for the French Assembly election, 9 ine During the election campaign, the subjects they defended in order to attract precious votes were the same, so in the opinion of the audience, retain the same chances of success with voters: visas, education, health, taxation, Moroccan Sahara, public services …

So how to stand alone, how to succeed? Each candidate argues that he has his own arguments and methods for achieving this.

Elizabeth Moreno, close to President Emmanuel Macron, argues that “change is, and will continue to be, achievable.” Kareem Ben Zak, industrial diplomat and mastermind of Maghreb and West Africa – makes these 9e Volume- According to him, there is a “hope for actionable change” in favor of the more than 120,000 French people in that constituency.

Candidate Elizabeth Moreno, who was interviewed for Le360, said she had already started working for the French in this constituency. “We have rescinded the mandate to increase the cost of living of some civil servants, and in the same way, we have worked on issues such as opening a bank account in France and getting a loan in France. You are a Frenchman living abroad, because the links must be very strong,” Jean Costex, a former minister in the former prime minister’s government, underlined. Showed.

Kareem Ben Zak, who was interviewed for Le360, recalled that he “came to the top at 1”.Er Turn ”, ahead of his rival, who was late in the election campaign. “We need to mobilize strong voters on polling day to implement the transition to a clear choice between two visions, two policies, one continuity, the other clear priorities and clear solutions,” he explained.

The plan of the two candidates has two real points in common, namely the firm support of the Autonomous Plan for the Moroccan Sahara and the resolution of the visa issue that has cooled relations between Morocco and France.

To address the visa issue, Elizabeth Moreno is proposing to create a parliamentary inquiry into how to resolve the issue, especially if she is elected, “causing human impact on families”.

Kareem Ben Zak’s position is the same, suggesting that “visa restrictions should be lifted immediately” if he defeats the presidential majority candidate.

Both candidates are calling for a strong vote on Sunday. According to the audience, the Moroccan position will determine the winner. In fact, with its 50,000 registered French population, the Kingdom is destined to act as arbitrator.

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