Who will win the best hacker bonsai? A new competition is emerging, which is not just for geeks

Who will win the best hacker bonsai?  A new competition is emerging, which is not just for geeks

Did Mr. Robot impress you? On Tuesday, you get a chance to slip in his shoes. Because a Unique competition Occurring Baptist RobertAka fs0c131y on Twitter, very popular Hackers Toulouse. During cyber-oxidani encounters, the game starts at 10am. Internet Security. The winner will receive the “Best Hacker Bonsai” at the end of the afternoon.

Baptist Robert, – Eric Capanis / AFP

The competition is open to everyone. Experts should appreciate the difficulty and help with the initialization. “The general idea is that it should be educational and fun. A person who knows nothing about it would like to experience this wonderful feeling and say to himself: I was able to hack a website!”, Explains Baptist Robert.

Enjoy and create awareness

Behind the funny aspect, the purpose is to create awareness. “Detecting flaws is not complicated,” says the protocol hacker. You must have the desire to find the mouse hole that will allow you to go where you should not go. The best way to understand this mood is to put yourself in the shoes of pirates. ⁇

Throughout the day, activities, conferences and workshops will be presented around the central theme of cyber security. After the match, Baptist Robert Hawking will describe the latest known flaws during the demonstration. The focus will be on the digital trail. Kesako? “It simply came to our notice then. Anyone who takes the trouble to find them can learn a lot, ”says Hacker. A famous personality from Toulouse has also agreed to serve as his guinea pig ோம் See you on Tuesday to find out who it is!

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