The “most powerful turbine in the world” should be operational soon

The "most powerful turbine in the world" should be operational soon



Flamanville EPR: "The most powerful turbine in the world" Should start soon
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S. Faidel, M. Anglet, Y. Moin, F. Brigant – France 2

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The Flamanville EPR (Manche), the next-generation nuclear power plant, is expected to refuel in 2023 and start generating energy two months later. Construction of the plant has already been delayed for eleven years.

Endless construction, industrial failure. This is Flamanville (Manche) a reputation stuck in the skin and the EDF is trying to make people forget with a message: this is the last straight line. The plant will finally produce electricity. EDF emphasizes: In the machine room, we finish. The 70-meter-long turbine will be launched soon. “This is the most powerful turbine in the world”Says an employee.

Construction of the EPR began in 2007. This third-generation nuclear reactor was supposed to be a showpiece for French nuclear power, a table that was soon considered unrealistic. Problems like cracking, welding, carbon quality … for many years, the bill exploded, reaching 12.7 billion today. Can EDF, which will produce electricity here by the end of 2023, keep its promise? This is far from the solution. The EPR series continues, with at least six new reactors to be built.

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