Even if it rains, the situation gets worse

Then The first steps taken in MayDue to storms in the first week of June, as it is colder and sunnier than previous weeks, “the meteorological drought (which) mitigated somewhat, but the province continues its activity.” They were very significant from the beginning of time, “he recalled.

Levels “usually equivalent to being observed at the end of July”

This rain, often stormy, benefited the plants at the beginning of the month, but had no effect on the flow of the rivers, even in low waters. The province explains that these conditions are “usually equivalent to those observed at the end of July.” Only the water levels in Pays de Gex show satisfactory levels.

This is why new measures have been taken: all of the department’s surface water management beds are now on alert. “Plaine de l’Ain” is now alert and “Dombes-Sud” is even more cautious.

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Purpose: To save water

For municipalities in an awareness situation, users are called upon to save water in order to delay the introduction of control measures as much as possible, but “the awareness situation does not trigger any imposed control action”.

Warning and high alert situations can lead to the establishment of measures to control or prevent the withdrawal and use of water in the relevant municipalities: watering your garden, filling your swimming pool, cleaning his car …

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