Schengen visa: 27.6% of applications made in Morocco were rejected

Schengen visa: 27.6% of applications made in Morocco were rejected

Kiosk 360. In Morocco, 157,100 Schengen visa applications were registered in 2021. 39,520 of them were rejected, which is 27.6% higher than the world average. Details in this magazine review from Daily Al Ahdat Al Maghribia.

Last year, 157,100 Schengen visa applications were registered in Morocco, making the Kingdom one of the top five countries with the highest number of Schengen visa applications. The applications were filed by expatriates and residents of European embassies, consulates and visa centers, according to the special media “Schengen Visa Info”.

Although Schengen is considered the fifth source of visa applications, Morocco recorded a 77.7% drop in these applications compared to 2019, i.e. before the Covid 19 epidemic. That year, the Kingdom recorded 705,293 applications daily Al-Ahdat al-Maghribia In its distribution on June 14th.

Of the 157,100 Schengen visa applications registered in Morocco in 2021, 39,520 were rejected, up 27.6%. This rate is higher than the global average for rejecting Schengen visa applications at 13.5%, the same evidence continues.

The study, established by “Schengen Visa Info”, states that the top five countries in terms of Schengen visas for Moroccans or residents of Morocco (in descending order) are Spain, France, PASS, Italy and Belgium. In addition, the countries that most reject these requests are Finland (69%), Italy (37%), France (35%), Belgium and Sweden (31%), followed by Germany (23.5%) and the Netherlands (23%).

How to interpret these numbers? As for France, it is worth recalling that Paris decided last September to tighten visa requirements for Morocco, such as Algeria and Tunisia. According to Gabriel Atletin, a former spokesman for the French government, “these countries are refusing to grant the diplomatic clearances required for the return of expatriates expelled from France.”

For his part, Pesat Pajrami, founder of, said the number of Schengen visas worldwide dropped from 16,955,541 in 2019 to 2,926,104 in 2021, closing the borders of countries against the Schen area, as we can read on the Covid 19 spread, special site.

“Even in countries that reopen their borders in 2021, there have been many changes in entry and exit requirements each week, which has encouraged travelers, especially tourists, to plan a trip to the country. ‘

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