Accepting Your Salary in Cryptocurrencies in France - Limits and Jobs to Know!

Accepting Your Salary in Cryptocurrencies in France – Limits and Jobs to Know!

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Yes, your salary can be accepted in crypto

Wages in France are strictly regulated by the Labor Code. ” The salary is paid either in cash or by cross check or by transfer to a bank or postal account., According to Article L3241-1. The Labor Code stipulates that the monthly salary be paid in euros. But this requirement (Article L143-1) has not been in effect for some years. The need to pay in euros is not mentioned in any article of French labor law. Similarly, the International Labor Organization of the United Nations does not explicitly require wages to be paid in fiat currency.


The Monetary and Financial CodeOn the other hand, ” Salary and pay […] Must be transferred by cross check or to an account maintained by a bank or post office or payment company or electronic money company providing payment services.. ⁇

In other words, sending a crypto into their wallets means that a company cannot pay its workers. Payment should be deposited in a bank account. So this is the only restriction currently imposed on employers and workers.

Solution – Crypto Salary by Crypto Friendly Banks!

To avoid the current rules, request that you deposit your salary in a crypto friendly bank that accepts both fiat currency and crypto deposits. So after opening an account in this type of bank you can make a deal with your employer. If your employer offers that it is crypto-friendly :).

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What are crypto friendly banks?

The list is still very limited in France and the process is not yet smooth!

  • Wires
  • Noori (formerly Pitwala)
  • N26

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