WhatsApp: Europe calls for better data usage

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whatsapp smart phoneEuropean Commission and consumer protection officials are urging WhatsApp to provide better information about its data and privacy policies.

The popular news site has received additional correspondence from the Commission and the CPC, Consumer Protection Cooperation Network.

They are calling on WhatsApp to take action to address their concerns Privacy and use of user dataWithin a month.

Questionable privacy

Europe and the CPC are really concerned about updates to WhatsApp’s Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy. They also want the US company to make it clear to consumers about its business model.

WhatsApp was asked to show how it plans to report future updates to its Terms of Service and to do so in a way that consumers can. Easily understand the implications of these updatesAfter these updates they are free to decide whether or not they want to continue using WhatsApp.

Revenue from user data?

The Commission and the CPC should clarify whether the Company derives revenue from Commercial User Data Policies.

“WhatsApp users need to make sure they understand what they agree to and how their personal data is used for business purposes, especially providing services to business partners. ⁇

Didier Reinders, Commissioner for Justice

It also expects WhatsApp to be fully respected EU rules protecting consumers. It should be noted that the first letter was sent to WhatsApp in January 2022, as updates to the terms of service made last year were problematic. The company later proved that it provided its users with the necessary information based on updates (notifications and its support center).

However, the information provided is considered Enough and confusing For users, the commission says. WhatsApp has a month to prove to authorities that its practices comply with EU consumer law.

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