Senegal: Transporters oppose licenses with points

Senegal: Transporters oppose licenses with points

# Senegal : In Senegal, the number of road accidents continues to rise every year. There are a high number of deaths and serious injuries. Public officials have decided to introduce a point-based license, giving priority to road safety.

On April 7, 2022, Senegal, through its National Assembly, adopted the new Highway Code, which introduces driving licenses with points from 2025 onwards.

The Senegalese Minister for Infrastructure, Land Transport and Accessibility notes that the new highway code will enable “the promotion of better management of road transport within the framework of modern, safe, convenient and sustainable joint transport systems.”

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Nevertheless, the introduction of license points did not make people happy. Instead, a team of carriers offers a compulsory training and verification course. According to these professionals, learning to drive well in all situations is the only condition for less dangerous road traffic.

Also, with the new highway code, all driver’s license applicants will be required to attend driving school.

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