Instagram: vous pouvez désormais épingler trois posts sur le réseau !

Instagram: You can now post up to three posts on the network!

An innovation in the Instagram app is now available. Like TikTok, many posts can be followed.

A new feature is now available on Instagram. Like Dictoc, you can now post up to 3 posts on a social network. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram in search of novelty

This is no longer a secret. Over the years, Instagram has established itself on social networks. At the very least we can say that the site is now one of the options of internet users.

But realizing the competition, the latter wants to continue to progress. From logo to news feed, the application is always looking for new features, including stories and reels.

An evolution that makes users very happy. In fact, Instagram now has more than 1.2 billion subscribers. That’s it!

Not wanting to rest on its laurels, the network is still increasing its updates. Ambition? Impress the crowd. Thus, a few months ago, users had the opportunity to diagnose Brand new typography. But also new functions.

Remarkable Traffic alert with display capability In the news feed of a kidnapping event in the United States. If Instagram tries too hard to revive its site, it could be a double-edged sword.

In fact, some users find it annoying to see some options like Dictoc processor landing in the meta panel.

Reels, for example, were created in an attempt to cover up short videos on the enemy network. But that’s not all! A new function is coming closer on Instagram. Something that makes some people happy. But drive others crazy.

Now you can do 3 posts later

On TikTok, this is nothing new. In fact, users have the opportunity to post their best posts on the social network.

Thus, subscribers coming to this page will be able to find the most viral videos of dictator at the top of the feed. A genius ideaInstagram is not ashamed of copying.

Oh yes! You can now select up to 3 featured posts. Just on Twitter, the app announced the big news by revealing how to do it.

“Do you like it? You do it laterThe panel refers to the meta before adding: “You can choose until now Three releases or pinning reels Above your profile. ⁇

To do this, there is nothing simple. Click the post you want to select. After that, you only have to do Press three points Located at the top right of your screen.

Then select “Back in your profile”. And Voila. Anyway, one thing is for sure, Instagram does not want to happen. There is more than one trick in the application!

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