Footballer Paul Bogba invests in Islamic funds

Footballer Paul Bogba invests in Islamic funds

At the end of his contract with British club Manchester United, Frenchman Paul Pogba is expected to join his former club Juventus in Turin. Photography By American Business Magazine Bloomberg, The French world champion did not decide his next team, but wore the sweatshirt worn by American financial services firm Waheed.

Last September, he approached Midfielder, the founder of a start-up founded in the Islamic Fund, a sector where investments can have positive social consequences, in line with Sharia policies. Along with former MMA champion Kabeeb Noormakomedov, Paul Pogba became one of the company’s key ambassadors advising young investors.

Silicon Valley and Biochemistry

“As a young, black and Muslim millionaire, Bokba hopes to succeed in promoting other players from backward backgrounds. To explain Bloomberg. The player has spent more than $ 100,000 on a month-long vacation in Miami and Los Angeles after France lost to Portugal in the Euro 2016 final.

“I was really shocked and thought, ‘Hula, that’s a lot.’ […]From that day on I kept saying to myself ‘OK, I’m done’.

Like Paul Pogba, many footballers approach financial advisers. In five or ten years, the director of a consulting firm specializing in sports investment explains, this relationship has evolved from brief exchanges to lengthy discussions about cryptocurrencies, metawares or start-ups.

“The new generation of gamers know more than many through entrepreneurs, social media or influencers, and they understand that there is more to traditional investment forms.”

During their career or retirement, the best athletes will no longer consider investing only in sports, tips Bloomberg, NBA basketball player Andre Iguadola, or former Arsenal midfielder Matthew Flamini, who has been involved in Silicon Valley, has become the general manager of the biochemical startup.

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