They are finding ecological solutions for tomorrow

They are finding ecological solutions for tomorrow

D.Enzymes for recycling

Jean-Claude Lumaret

Retired March 31, 2022, former CEO and co-founder of Corbios Jean-Claude Loumaret (Photo) Will monitor her baby. It was the research of this former chemical engineer from the Roquet team that helped Corbios find recyclable solutions using enzymes for used plastics and textiles.

Decorbonized clothing

Benoit is here

Faced with climate change, he wants to “Solving Scientific Challenges within the Boundaries of Science”. After earning a doctorate from Imperial College London, Benoit worked for Saint-Cobain and Saffron, having previously co-founded Fairfrix with Tawfiq Nasr Allah and developed the first synthetic textile fiber with a net positive impact on the climate.

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