Shortage in Syria: Holmes exploited gas

Shortage in Syria: Holmes exploited gas

According to Syria’s Minister of Petroleum, the well will be connected to another well, which will then be operated after determining their location to connect to the gas network.

In an interview with the Lebanese news site Al-Ahad News, That was promised by the Managing Director of the Syrian Oil Company, Fraz Katur “The new discovery in the field of Jamrat al-Mahar is the most important discovery in these difficult circumstances.” He noted that the expected results of work on this well are good, and the estimate indicates that its production is more than 250 thousand m3 per day and will reach 600 thousand by the end of the year. The stabilized reserves of this well About two billion m3, and the expected is about 9 billion cubic meters “,” He added.

Other promising gas deposits include the Thias, near Jamrat al-Zahr, f. Refers to Katura, according to which research work is being carried out in the north and south of Damascus. He mentioned technical cooperation and exchange of some technologies “With friends, especially with Iranian brothers or Russian friends”.

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