Instagram: These tips to regain control of your news feed!

Instagram: ces astuces pour reprendre la main sur son fil d’actualité !

Are there many ads and suggestions on your Instagram feed? Some tips to get it back to your taste!

New Algorithm of Instagram Not everyone is happy. The more ads, the less people we follow, And hard capture: it received little criticism. But there are some tricks to bring it to your liking. MCETV explains everything!

Tips for keeping Instagram neat

Ads, it’s yours

First, a first concern is often Isolated by users: Ads. In fact, since the implementation of the new algorithm, we have been seeing more and more ads. But even more serious, if in one of them we have the misfortune to delay, her friends come.

So, if you have the misfortune of seeing an Instagram ad for a piece of clothing, there is a risk that all the matches will fall. But if you go In application settings, You can choose what you want to see. But what not to look for above all else.

In Settings, in Section Ads, you can moderate the lessons. So get rid of what you see too much. Or you do not want to see. Another option is if an ad appears in your newsfeed, Block it with three points Top right!

Instagram accounts we no longer want to see

The application has of course changed its news feed, but allows you to log in to reorganize it. So you feel Always view posts from the same account. That may be true… and the application knows it. She records it.

So if you go to your Instagram profile, you can see your followers. But of these, you can find them You saw it recently. It can be found under “Most viewed subscriptions in the feed”.

Instagram: These tips to regain control of your news feed!
Instagram: These tips to regain control of your news feed!

This will give you access to the accounts you have visited frequently for more than a month. If some are less interested in you, or not, You have to control them. Thus regaining some control over the accounts you view

… And we are the ones who want to see a little more

Conversely, you may feel that you can no longer see some of the accounts you want. First tip: Go to his page several times and the algorithm will do the rest. But there are still advanced and practical solutions.

Instagram has actually set up a way to see the ads of its subscribers. A way to avoid recommended accounts that can get tired quickly. Some left the appSo click on the logo in the upper left.

From the options provided, select “Subscriptions”. You can thus See all posts from your subscriptionsIn the release queue.

Favorites Instagram?

One last tip, perhaps the most practical: favorites. Hard to find, this option allows you Select what you like in your news feed. All you have to do is add your favorite accounts.

To create a list of your favorites, go to your profile. In the menu on the top right, select “Favorites”. Then Add accounts to create your new news feedRefined and better targeted!

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