Things are heating up for WhatsApp, which we will have to admit if it makes money on our backs

The European Commission is asking the press service to answer the remaining questions regarding the value of consumer privacy.

WhatsApp has received a new letter from the European Commission and the CPC, the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network. The latter believe that the messaging system is not clear enough about its data policy. She has a month to clarify the situation.

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In particular, WhatsApp should clarify how the terms of future updates will interact with its terms in the future. An essential prerequisite for users to freely decide whether to continue to use the application. It should also declare whether it is generating revenue by exploiting consumer data.

“WhatsApp users need to understand what they agree to and how their personal data is used for business purposes, especially providing services to business partners. I reiterate that WhatsApp fully respects EU rules that protect consumers and their fundamental rights. Justice Commissioner Didier Reinders said.

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The case has been ongoing since 2021

This is not the first letter to WhatsApp. For updates made in 2021, there was already a call to send the message last January. We remember the outcry among users that the application was going to be announced. Share their data with Facebook, Both companies belong to the same meta group.

Failure to comply with these new conditions threatened to reduce the use of messaging. Some people protested and left WhatsApp. However, this decision is not final Not applicable to European citizens.


European Commission

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