The South African president condemned the “dirty tricks”

The South African president condemned the "dirty tricks"

I call “Crime” And “Financial fraud”, Representatives of the far left prevented the head of state from speaking for more than an hour. Many of them were expelled from the session.

Cyril Ramaphosa, 69, is accused of hiding a robbery at one of his properties from police and tax officials. Condemns “Dirty Tricks” And “Bullying”The president promised not to leave himself “Prevent any threats”It reiterates that the fight against corruption will continue “Priority”.

“We will not move. We will not tremble. We will finish what started.”Jacob, who was expected to be at the forefront of corruption after Zuma, was forced to resign in 2018 after a series of scandals.

In February 2020, according to a complaint filed last week, thieves broke into a farm owned by Mr Ramaphosa, north of Johannesburg. They have found the equivalent of 3.8 million euros in cash, according to a report by former intelligence chief Arthur Fraser. He argues that the president should “Money” The thief “For their Peace”.

Advance payments are exaggerated and stolen money a “Clear financial transactions related to the sale of animals”Last weekend Mr. Ramaphosa condemned and explained “Political Objectives”.

The allegations come as the ruling ANC has to decide by December whether to field Cyril Ramaphosa as its candidate in the second presidential election in 2024. The Republican mediators responsible for the fight against corruption in particular declared. The public hearing for the theft case begins on Wednesday.

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