Nintendo confirms clever modification of its console to fight theft

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After a highly publicized lawsuit, Nintendo has confirmed the use of a major anti-theft device.

The case is set for September 2019. More than two years after the release of the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company has introduced a portable version of its console. Nintendo Switch Light. At the same time, the company formalized a new model HAC-001 (-01). Officially, this unreleased benchmark will only bring an upgrade of the battery, plus some other minor changes.

Thanks for the new legal documents released by the site Nintendo is everything, We learn today that this new labeling is not just for boosting the console’s battery. If we believe some elements of the test against Big N for Team Xecuter, and especially for Gary Bowser The fight against pirates The company may have launched a newer version of its console.

Nintendo vs Bowser

According to documents released during the investigation, “Nintendo had to release a newer version of its hardware in response to one of these hacking tools, and this change required countless hours of engineering and adjustment in our global production and distribution chains and, of course, related resources.“In definite terms, the actions of a team specializing in encirclement devices would have forced the company Reducing efforts to curb illegal activities. “Clearly, these effects are a direct result of the attack on our technological defense by the defendant and group Xecuter.“, My lawyers conclude.

According to case estimates, the actions of the Xecuter team will be Loses over $ 65 million to Nintendo, Affecting the company but many more modest development studios. Note that at the end of the trial between Nintendo and Bowser, the hacker was convicted To pay $ 10 million to the company40 months in prison.

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