Morocco is one of the most attractive countries in Africa

Morocco is one of the most attractive countries in Africa

The main results of this study, conducted by Hotel Partners Africa, a member of the W Hospitality Group in association with the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF), can be summarized in four words: Egypt, Morocco, Accord and Marriott. With 5,577 and 6,142 rooms, respectively, these two countries are leading in the number of rooms under physical construction. Followed by Ethiopia, 3,871; Cape Verde, 3,016; Nigeria, 2,544; Kenya, 2,450; Algeria, 2,337 and Tunisia, 2,280. In South Africa, 1,948 and Senegal, 1,919 rooms complete the top 10 places.

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Of the 85 hotels, 21,000 rooms are upgraded, 20% more than last year, compared to Egypt and Morocco (20, 7,209 rooms upgraded, expanding to more than 50 new hotels). Then follow Nigeria (5,619 rooms in 33 hotels), Ethiopia (206 rooms in 29 hotels), Cape Verde (4,639 rooms in 17 hotels) and Algeria (3,202 rooms in 15 hotels). Tunisia (2,918 out of 14 hotels), South Africa (3,133 out of 21 hotels) and Senegal (2,693 out of 13 hotels) covered the stage.

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