Will perversion find life on Mars?

Le cratère Jezero il y a environ 4 milliards d

Was there life on Mars? Perseverance Rover finally tackles this fascinating question by starting to explore the delta of an ancient river in the Jessero Valley and landing the rover. February 2021. On May 28, 2022, it eroded a disk 5 cm in diameter on one of the lowest rock formations in the delta, so the oldest, likely to have been stuffed with life.

A great place to live

The Jezero groove is considered The right place To place monuments of past lives. 3.5 to 3.9 billion years ago, water would have flowed there for about 400,000 years. In November 2019, observations from Mars’ reconnaissance observatory further indicated that silica, which had been hydrated in the Jessero crater, contained small bombs known to protect the Earth – small bombs and microorganisms specific to the aquatic environment.

“Consider the buffet before filling the tray”

The rover landed a few kilometers from the delta. So he had to join him, which explains why he is starting this mission now. Until now, he has dedicated himself Study of the bottom of the Jessero abyss. So it has now reached the delta, which is about forty meters above the abyss.

Photo caption: 5 cm disc dug by diligent Martian soil.

The rover pilots plan to send the engine to the front of the delta and then descend, carefully analyzing the ground each time to determine whether or not to take the sample. “It’s like taking care of the buffet before filling your plateJennifer Trosper, Project Manager, Diligence Work, Colorfully Explains Natural. An important choice because the rover has only 43 sample collection tubes, thirty of which are due to return to Earth by 2033.

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