The Bois-Blancs mosque won its case

June 6 is a great day for the Bois-Blancs Mosque, which is grateful to the Lily Executive Court for canceling the advance offer purchased by the lessee, in 2019, the mosque’s preferred premises, reports Northern Lightning.

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The association thought it could acquire the mere 60 square meters of land it currently occupies, but at the initiative of MEL to build the community the space was overturned by tenant Vilogia. Housing.

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The method used by the lessee was condemned by the association and, to win the case, returned to justice. The latter decided in October 2019 to ban the purchase of land by Vlogia in advance without deciding that it was invalid.

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This decision prevented the lessee from undertaking the new work until the judgment on the merits was pending. But today, this is done for the pleasure of the officials and worshipers of the Omar ibn al-Qattab Mosque.

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