A sculpture and a door were observed on Mars

A sculpture and a door were observed on Mars

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 6:00 pm – Attractive pictures sent by Curiosity Robot. We see a sculpture and a door. Descriptions.

Awesome pictures

The Curiosity rover continues its journey and has not stopped surprising scientists. This machine recently photographed unusual objects on Mars. Thanks to the erosion of Mars, a remarkable sculpture in the shape of a rock-painted peak has been found in the Gale Pass. In mid-May, a photo of a hole-like hole in the rock was sent by Curiosity.


A peritoneum

The picture in question does not show a door, but a simple opening dug in the rock. Here, our brain deceives us by trying to connect the image with the known image. This is paradoxical. Photography reveals a kind of optical illusion that prompts us to discover similarities with an object.


Source: NASA / JBL

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