Wednesday, June 8 Weather forecast: Thundershowers and heavy rain

Wednesday, June 8 Weather forecast: Thundershowers and heavy rain

Heavy rain is expected in most parts of the country except in the Mediterranean, with some thundershowers in the afternoon.

This is the dark weather that will be announced this Wednesday, June 8th. Due to the active sea swell, rain is expected in most parts of the country Weather Channel *. A particularly heavy rain episode in the morning in the Paris region, with a few hours equivalent to ten days of rain.

It will continue to rain in the afternoon, this time with heavy thunderstorms from Moselle to Tordogne. Only the tip and southeastern parts of Brittany are protected, where beautiful clears are expected during the day, despite strong winds. Meanwhile, the temperature will be seasonal.

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In West, from Pays de la Loire to Normandy, Weather seems to be mixed. If some rain is expected near Nantes in the morning, sunny weather develops over most areas. The wind is blowing at a speed of 50 km per hour and is blowing along the coasts. The afternoon sun continues to shine, still obscured by some gray clouds. Temperature is seasonal. In particular, the temperature in Brest will be 17 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and 20 degrees Celsius in Renn.

In North, from Hots-de-France to Center-Wall de Lower, Heavy rain is expected in the morning due to sea rage coming from the west. In the Paris region, the equivalent of ten days of rain falls in a few hours. There will be less rain in the afternoon, but some thunderstorms in the center’s fields. Winds can reach 65km / h off the coast of Normandy. However, the temperature is moderate.

In East, from the Alsace to the Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps, It rains in the morning from Ardennes to the city of Lyon. Although obscured by some gray clouds, Alsace only benefits from the rays of the morning sun. Heavy thunderstorms across the eastern part of the country intensified in the afternoon. Temperatures range from 21 C in Strasbourg to 22 C in Lyon.

In South West, With dark weather expected in the morning, rain from Avur to Gironde. The wind blows over the Atlantic coast, with winds of up to 50 km per hour. The weather will be rainy in the afternoon, with the exception of the surroundings of La Rochelle, which develop pretty thin textures. A few thundershowers are expected in Dordogne, while temperatures drop slightly.

In South East, The morning sun shines on Mediterranean beaches, though with some gray clouds. Mistral and Tramonton winds up to 70 km / h. With moderate temperatures, pruning is maintained in the afternoon. Especially at Perpignan it is 26 C and Nice is 25 C.

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