Severe imprisonment for the brother of Podblika

Severe imprisonment for the brother of Podblika

CD Mohammed (Algiers) Court Economic and Financial Crimes Division sentenced Monday, Bootbilica saidBrother of the former president Apologies PfilficaImprisonment for 8 years in a case of concealed funding for the presidential election campaign, which was canceled in April 2019.

According to the Algerian Press Agency (APS), CD Mohammed was sentenced by a court Bootbilica saidImprisonment for 66 to 8 years and a fine of 3 million dinars (approximately $ 20,000), as well as confiscation of all his property.

Ali Hadat also sentenced

In the same case, the court sentenced businessman Ali Hadat to 4 years in prison for money laundering, influence and non-declaration of assets. Ali Haddad, former president Employers Algeria acquitted on charges of spying for the April 2019 presidential election Apologies Pfilfica.

Money laundering, influence …

These judgments were handed down in the first instance and can be appealed to the High Courts. Bouteflika and Haddad have been charged with “embezzlement, influence, disclosure of assets and secret financing of the election campaign.”

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