Naturgy's CEO buries Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project

Naturgy’s CEO buries Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project

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Spain is facing an energy crisis and needs to find short- and long-term solutions to guarantee gas availability. To this end, Francisco Reynés, the Spanish gas distributor who was the first manager of Naturgy, considered it important to maintain “privileged relations” with the Algerian party, which had expressed its “credibility” by valuing the content of the supply agreements signed between the two. Countries.

“The most important thing is to secure long-term supply agreements.”

When it comes to the possibility of setting up a gas pipeline connecting Nigeria with Spain via Morocco, Netherjee’s first manager was skeptical and did not believe in the project, which would cost close to $ 30 billion and would also require space. The project will take at least 20 years to complete, not to mention the technical issues that may arise.

“It is not very realistic to think in the short term that a significant portion of our problem will be interconnected. There are technical issues and the ability to tackle this huge task,” he says before continuing: “I went to Spain with the President of Nigeria and told him about two big plans to ship Nigerian gas and ships.” I asked questions.It brings it to Europe.One, on the surface, it crosses 13 countries of sub-Saharan Africa to Morocco and from there connects with Spain which is more than 2,000 kilometers long, crossing countries like serious political problems, terrorism …

The other is the 5,800-kilometer seawater pipeline. He talked to me about investing 30 billion euros … these are long-term plans, at least 20 years ”. As a result, according to the managing director of Naturgy Francisco Reynés, Spain has two short-term solutions: “We have some advantages in Spain. One is the possibility of a major relocation, and the other is a concessional connection with Algeria. The most important thing is to secure long-term supply contracts.

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Algeria today05/06/2022

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